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Fight Pain & Improve Mobility -100% Naturally.

Millions of dollars were spent in research and development to create Human Performance Technology (HPT): a special pattern that touches your skin, sends a signal to the brain, and instantly helps with pain management, stability, and strength.

Studies show VoxxLife socks help reduce foot pain, enhance strength plus improve balance and stability.

Change your socks and change your life – INSTANTLY.

GolfWRX Forum Reviews

Swingblues said"

"To me, HPT looks like a giant fingerprint pattern done in the material. The gist of it is, that it is supposed to promote better contact between the foot and the shoe. Does it work? Honestly, I never lost any traction during the round with these socks, perhaps I felt more contact as say, compared to the thicker woolen socks."

Blopar said

"Very comfortable ...soft texture, just the right amount of spandex elastic in arch support area and cuff... would categorize these as relatively thin to medium thin in terms of overall weight and thickness. Very happily, there is no "heel slide" present in either style, I believe due to the sock material itself and  "ribbed sequence of padding in the heel, hence no achilles friction, therefore minimal risk of blistering. No "tongue bite" with similar ribbed padding on the front of the ankle. Even the no-show fits well above the tops of all my shoes, so no need for heel tabs as found on other brands-just the right amount of elastic in the top cuff. I agree with another reviewer's comment that they feel almost invisible to the feet!"

Getair23 said

"I wanted to test the Antibacterial features. So I didn't wash them last night and wore them for a 5  mile run this morning. Score 1 for Voxx.They are sitting next to me as I type and have passed the sweat wicking and the smell test."

NCSergio said

"Fantastic product!!  First impression was that  they hug your foot nicely without feeling constricting. I tested these two ways, a round of golf and a casual day at the lacrosse fields watching my son. They felt outstanding in both scenarios. I wore the Mini-Crews for the golf round and didn't even think about them. That's a good thing. Very comfortable and kept my feet dry and extremely comfortable on a 90+ degree day in full leather golf shoes. For the No-Shows I was walking around turf fields that are typically 10+ degrees hotter then the outside temperature. These field temps were easily approaching 100 degrees. Again cool, comfortable and dry. One of the things I absolutely despise in a sock is if the heel drops or if  there is any bunching at the toes. The Voxx did not have either of these issues and performed as well or better than any other premium sock I've owned. The way they fit snugly to the foot without being constricting, really sold me. I'll definitely be buying more!