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Are You a Dew Sweeper?

Your Foursome drew the first tee time of the morning!

The first footsteps in the morning leading to the tee box are yours. It’s a perfect day, and you have a good feeling about this initial drive that you have been practicing in your mind all the way from the house. It’s going to be the start of a great round of 18. Maybe your best – ever! You just know it. You are relaxed and confident. You address the ball; check the path you intend for the ball to follow. Then you swing…

Golf is an incredibly complex game, one that requires physical skill – form and technique – but mental control. It takes tremendous focus, concentration, and determination. One of the great things about the game is that it is truly an individual sport. How you play doesn’t depend on the skill or condition of your teammates - or even your opponents. Every time you step up to the tee, you are competing with your self and trying to “Be the ball.”

Of course, that’s also the downside. Because although golfers through the centuries have come up with some very creative excuses for poor play, ultimately your success or failure is all on your own shoulders. When things go badly, there is no one else to blame.

As a pro once observed, “Golf is the only sport I know of where a player pays for every mistake.” A player can muff a serve in tennis, miss a strike in baseball, or throw an incomplete pass in football, and still have another chance to square himself. But in golf, every swing counts against you.

That is just one way that golf imitates life. Like golf, life has its own set of complicated rules. It is impossible to keep them all perfectly. At some point or another, every one of us gets distracted. We lose our concentration, exercise poor judgement, or exhibit bad sportsmanship. We make mistakes. At times we’re way out of bounds.

All of this is par for the course, in golf and in life!

All the best!


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