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Super Patches

Live Life Like NEVER Before
We believe the power of the human body and mind can do amazing things, and that tapping into that power - not just tricking it with a temporary disguise - is possible. That's why we're dedicated to creating drug-free, fast-acting, easy-to-use, on-the-go solutions to help
you live a better, happier life.

Meet Our Line Up of Super Patches

We believe the power of the human body and mind can do amazing things, and that tapping into that power - not just tricking it with a temporary disguise - is possible.

Live Life Like Never Before!
There's A Super Patch For That


“I’ve had my pair of Voxx socks since April this year and I’ve used them over and over again! Once it come to my golf game, I knew the difference! I get more balanced and hit my golf ball further.”

“My husband always shoots low 80’s in golf. He wasn’t a believer in the technology, but I convinced him to try.

He ended up shooting a 72! He was so happy and had energy all day. I told him to share his golf secret with his friends, but he said he didn’t want to do that or they might beat him.”

“I wore the insoles for my first round of golf and whether or not it was a swing change I made down south – or the actual insoles – I did hit the ball farther than I ever have at Kelowna club! Also I noticed my feet were not as tired and sore from walking the course!!”

“The first weekend I had mine, I was in a college tournament. We walked 36 holes the first day, and 18 on the second. I didn’t feel tired, have sore feet, or anything over those two days while all my playing partners had blisters, sore feet, etc. I also played my 3 best college rounds. Over the duration of the 54 holes, I only missed 5 fairways. I would highly recommend them.” Paul A.

PAIN MANAGEMENT:As one who already wears the Voxx tech 24/7, on my daily afternoon powerwalk last Friday, I accidently tripped on a raised portion of a sidewalk and took a header. Fortunately, I didn't hit my head as I broke my fall with my outstretched hands which skidded across the uneven concrete slab. My palms and fingers tips felt white hot! Pain level 10. I fell with all my body weight onto my left thigh and drove the corner of my cell phone (in my left front pocket) into my thigh. Pain level 9. The next thing I noticed was my left ribs were killing me! Pain level 8. The only thing I can figure is that my upper body landed on my elbow/forearm driving them into my ribs. After an excruciating 1.5 km uphill walk home, I iced the affected areas to help bring down the swelling and put HPT Patches on both areas (I didn't have any of the new Super Patches).It was very uncomfortable to sleep as I couldn't roll over and to get off the couch the next day, I had to roll onto the floor and use the coffee table & couch as leverage to get to a standing position. Amazingly, on Saturday night, roughly 30 hours after my fall, I was able to get off the couch normally. Indeed, proof that the Patches were working! The following night (Sunday), just over 50 hours after my fall, I had NO PAIN! ZERO!! I was completely gobsmacked!!! All natural and no big pharma!! In an abundance of caution, I cancelled my Tuesday golf game and went on a 1 hour walk but in hindsight, I easily could have played. Incredibly grateful for this tech. I will be a Voxxer for life! Peter Y.

Just got this from my 19 year old golfer who just got his CPGA pro card.Hey kev. So Just an update on the socks ... As long as I can remember, I have always had leg twitches and constantly move while I am trying to sleep..I've always tried to control it but I could never stop it. While I was wearing the VOXX last night to sleep, it was the first time my body was completely at rest and calm while I was trying to sleep. That was one thing I wouldn't have even thought about the socks would be able to help with!!Also, hit some balls in them today and was hitting the ball about 10-15 yards longer than when I wasn't wearing VOXX. I didn't do a full test comparing the two as I didn't have time but definitally improvement in balance, control and power!!! Kevin D. 

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